The Diversity of Models

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A sudden flash of inspiration at the workbench eventually took shape after two years and countless experiments: The TWO.2 Diamond Dust model features a totally unprecedented dial.

To create it, diamond grains of defined sizes are applied to a preconditioned dial wafer in a complex process. They produce sparkling hues depending on the color combinations of the diamonds and the background.

Much time and many experiments were needed to bond the crystals on a substrate in such a way that would make them sparkle like a snow field or a star-studded sky. The key issue in the numerous trials was to find the right combination of light refraction, bond integrity, surface texture, and uniformity of the diamond dust dial. All parties involved, including the suppliers, were extremely committed. And it was worth the effort.

The breakthrough finally involved the attachment of the diamond grains on the substrate in such a way that they can be distributed uniformly but also protrude from the base material to such a degree that a fascinating choreography of light can unfold.

The exact process remains our little secret. But one thing is certain: Images and words are merely descriptive. The only way to experience the orchestration of light and color on the dial is a hands-on encounter.