Living in the moment is difficult.

We often rush through our daily routine and look forward to the warm bed in the evening as soon as we wake up. Only a few of us have the gift of consciously noticing and appreciating the little things in life. When was the last time you were excited about the sunshine in your living room in the morning, or about the glitter on the surface of the water on your way to work? Many of these moments pass us by day after day without us paying much attention to them.

With our autumn campaign, we want to honour these small moments. During the last months of the Corona pandemic, things we take for granted suddenly became something special – eating with friends in our favourite restaurant or a hug from our parents.

HESS watches are more than a timepiece, HESS watches are daily companions that remind us that nothing can be taken for granted. They remind us to be happy about the first falling autumn leaves, the fresh wind or the golden evening atmosphere on the streets – about the true luxury of life.

Walter Hess
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