We spent much time mulling over the name of our watch brand. Despite the long list of suggestions, the answer was much closer than expected. We picked our family name with the addition Luzern. Why? Because for us, Luzern is one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

von Judith Hess

We love Luzern, because it is our home. At the same time, it is the domicile of our manufacture and a link to our brand. This is why we decided to integrate Luzern in our brand identity.

The location of our atelier is slightly peripheral to the old town yet very central: a perfect setting for us. The district is imbued with tranquillity that accompanies people who visit our atelier, allowing us to fully focus on their expectations.

HESS Uhren in Luzern

At our location on Stiftstrasse 4 in a peaceful part of Luzern, our customers will find a venue where they can take their time in an unhurried environment. This is where we can get acquainted with them and let them participate in the inception process. We want them to know where their watches come from – because the watches and their owners will spend much time together.