We are delighted to present our new watch case in 18-carat red gold.

By Walter Hess

The gold cases and other parts are cast at Pfister Feinguss in Lengnau.

The precision machining of the lunette, the seat of the movement and the crown is carried out in the workshop of HESS watches. 

The 2016 Swiss Goldsmith Champion, Anita Lampart, also from Lucerne, hand-finishes the outer surfaces of the case and clasp, making the warm gold tone really shine. Anita also provides her responsibility mark, which is stamped into the case and clasp, confirming that it is 18-carat gold.

In the case of watch cases, this confirmation – as is usual for jewellery – is not yet sufficient, because it is legally required that watch cases of Swiss origin made of precious metal are additionally marked with the St. Bernard’s head. The Swiss Federal Precious Metals Control officially certifies the gold fineness by affixing the St. Bernard’s head stamp.

Ein Uhrengehäuse wird bearbeitet.
Einzelteile einer Uhr.

Sustainability through gold recycling

We obtain the gold we need for our watch cases from Gyr Edelmetalle AG in Baar (Canton Zug). Gold is recycled and alloyed in the company’s own foundry. Gold can be recovered by melting down old jewellery, old gold coins or broken gold. Gold is a very valuable material, jobs in goldsmith workshops are regularly vacuumed and the gold dust collected in the filter bags is recycled. These procedures ensure that the proportion of new gold can be kept low, thereby conserving natural resources in the best possible way.

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