As an independent Swiss watch brand, we enable our customers to be style pioneers. At the same time, we accommodate their desire for rarity and understatement. What does that mean? Let us share our thoughts about the aesthetic hallmarks that constitute the HESS brand.

by Walter Hess

We often receive comments regarding the sleek design of our watches and respond to them by describing the hidden details. Our aspiration is to define a style that does not presuppose a style but instead emphasizes the individual personalities of our customers. This approach works because our watches are graceful and reduced yet at the same time warm, inviting, and timeless.

How a style is born

The design of HESS watches is inspired by attention to detail, care, and the determination to tolerate no compomise. The design statement is on point, which is why the watch appeals to both women and men.

The first glance does not immediately reveal the number of details that preoccupied us. We faced many questions during the creative process and each one was associated with many possible solutions. Decisions had to be made.

Judith and I have a shared taste that we can rely on unconditionally. It is extremely helpful in coming to conclusions. This shared taste gave us assurance and the perseverance needed to convince suppliers to join us in executing our decisions, wishes, and visions – to come on board, so to speak.

What’s hidden in details

Because our dials are crafted from unusual materials, the manufacturing process is sometimes difficult and very elaborate. But the result is worth the effort.

Our ambitions with respect to style are not confined to questions regarding gestalt, colors, sizes, etc. but also embrace our relationships with suppliers and the many people who accompanied, advised, and supported us on the way to where we are now. Convincing people to share our passion and feeling their support: these are two of the most precious elements of a watch.

In the end, many precious components come together in a HESS watch that is more than the sum of its parts.

Exclusivity – a discreet and strong feeling

Our customers often mention the sense of exclusivity and rarity that they associate with our watches. It is a discreet and yet strong feeling which proves that they understand our watches and our philosophy. The desire to own a personal high-end watch is highly individual. It is an enigmatic wish far beyond the mainstream.

Their circumspect design, reduction to the essence, and contemporary appeal paired with passion and perfectionistic craftsmanship are elements that define the style and soul of our watches. Our customers can see and sense that.

Walter Hess
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