The TWO.2 model 

The TWO.2 is available in the classic variant, with a diamond-studded dial or with the magic dial made of diamond dust. All three variants are available in countless designs, which can be optionally combined with matching bracelets made of leather or steel.

The TWO.2 model variants

The original variant of the TWO.2 model captivates with its simple elegance with black or brown dial.

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The extravagant version of the TWO.2 shines with 12 black, brown or white diamonds at every hour.

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The Diamond Dust models fascinate with their enchanting sparkling dials in black, gray, champagne and gold.

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A diamond marks
every hour

On the black dials of the noble TWO.2 Diamond models, small gemstones attract all eyes. In an elaborate process, tiny diamonds are attached at every full hour – discreetly black in black, brown or white.

The magic diamond dust dial

An extraordinary eye-catcher are the TWO.2 Diamond dust models, whose dials are covered with the finest diamond grains. Depending on the color combination of the background and the diamond, fascinating color variations are created. The dials are available in black, gray, champagne and now also in gold.