The TWO.1 model
Eine Frau trägt eine HESS Uhr am Handgelenk.
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The TWO.1 is available in different versions. From the original model with steel case, black dial and red gold aplicas to the latest model with red gold case and silver dial. All versions can be combined with matching bracelets in leather, steel or red gold.

Ein Uhrengehäuse im Detail.
Exceptional case

Crafted from hand-polished 316L (1.4404) surgical steel or red gold 750, the case consists of two parts as opposed to the conventional three. The advantage is enhanced leaktightness, an especially beneficial asset because the case is filled with argon, a noble gas that prevents the ingress of oxygen and thus prolongs the life of the lubricants. – The harmonious profile of the case reflects its function: There‘s a reason for every detail.

Light-absorbing dial

Thanks to an extraordinary material whose formulation is a closely guarded secret, the dial absorbs light almost totally and at the same time diffuses ambient color nuances. At night, it cloaks itself in darkness. By day, it remains intense but silky and adaptive to the prevalent color temperature. The effect: a living watch.

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Eine Frau trägt eine HESS Uhr am Handgelenk.