Watchmaker by fascination
Walter Hess arbeitet mit einem Okular und einer Pinzette

Walter Hess is a watchmaker by calling and by fascination. He is a perfectionistic developer with an aesthetic ideal, using materials that so far have not been utilized in watchmaking artistry in quite this way. His understanding of and fascination for design and art constitute the basis of his ability to articulate a personal style. And Walter Hess is also a passionate craftsman. This enables him to design timeless expressions of time and to craft watches that are the way they are. Simply good and beautiful.

Eine Uhr wird bearbeitet
“I would be happy to show you and explain some of the special features of our exclusive timepiece creations.”
“If you have questions about your own watch, I can answer questions about repairs and overhauls at no obligation on your part and regardless of the brand.”

Walter Hess, watchmaker