HESS supports

Cultural preservation

Asian Classic Input Project (ACIP) discovers, preserves, translates and shares ancient wisdom for the modern age. ACIP is a non-profit based in Sedona, Arizona. Bringing together a creative team of scholars, engineers, scientists, translators, educators, and seekers, ACIP protects and make available to the world, wisdom treasures that are at risk from being lost to mankind forever. ACIP imagines and maintains an open and free digital library of wisdom texts, for a freer, happier, and informed world.

› www.asianclassics.org

A Contribution for self-help

HESS Uhren supports a charity in Salvador di Bahia (Brazil) that takes care of homeless children by offering them accommodation, schooling, and sustenance. Founded in 1990 by Aloisio Brunner from Ruswil, the charity is also a referral hub for apprenticeship positions. Walter and Judith Hess contribute to the project by collecting discarded timepieces. They are used by youngsters in Salvador to learn the watchmaking trade and aspire to an independent future.

› www.strassenkinder-salvador.com

“We collect watches hidden in drawers unused. Whether mechanical or with a quartz movement, whether running or defective. Send us your watches or bring them to our atelier. We will happily forward them to the project supervisors.”

Judith Hess