We decided to develop and craft our own watch. This decision was preceded by a phase of introspection, accompanied by ambivalent feelings about a career-switching entry into the watchmaking industry. Determination and passion won: HESS Uhren was established.

by Judith Hess

About confidence and self-determination

Walter’s career was characterized and supported by a fascination with watches and their mechanical inner life. His exceptional affinity with design and style was nurtured by a tenure in an art school in the UK and enriched by his eclectic interests and trips all over the world.

My initial training was in a technical branch of the healthcare industry, followed by community service commitments that gave me a wide range of insights into the inception of businesses and marketing approaches. During this period, I honed the communication skills needed to inspire public enthusiasm for and dedication to new ideas and projects.

So now, what do we do with our precious lives, in addition to children, a home, and our main occupations? How can we leverage out talents, shared convictions, differences, and complementary traits? What excites us most?

A bold lateral entry with panache

As career switchers, it wasn’t easy for us toe immerse ourselves into the realm of timepieces, to find the right suppliers, and to win them over for our ideas. In many respects, our approach was unconventional and we didn’t want to work with ordinary materials. Additionally, despite very small series, we wanted to have everything done in line with our expectations and quality benchmarks.

We soon realized that our approach met with approval and were doubly satisfied: On the one hand, we got exactly what we expected, and on the other, our suppliers were delighted to have the opportunity to add new skills to their portfolios. Self-confidence and joy grew.

Passion for a new career

Our two children were young at that time, and I recall several situations in which I had phone calls with producers about problems involving the manufacturing process for a dial while taking care of the kids and cooking dinner for the family.

To this very day, we create,livelihood. Our objective is to attain the turnaround point and make HESS watches our passionate main occupation. We’re working hard to achieve that.

Shared happiness and gratitude

On the way, it takes much perseverance and discipline to deal with difficulties and find solutions. But the small successes, the memorable ones that are worth celebrating, are what motivate us most.

We consider the process to be an exercise involving personal maturity and are very grateful for the privilege of being able to share our success with others.

Courage and composure

We are often confronted with the implication that no one waited for us and our watches. I would like to refute that because our customers are proving that the statement is incorrect. They indeed have waited for a HESS watch. Pessimistic statements like the above simply prevent one from being courageous enough to take the initiative. They didn’t prevent us from looking forward.

And neither did the big watch brands deter us from persevering. Of course, it is impossible to overlook or underestimate the development of traditional brands. But we see our strength in the composure and timelessly classic design that HESS watches radiate. That’s exactly what our customers appreciate.

More latitude for personality

This off-mainstream composure is what addresses the desire for genuinely livable individuality. Many people find delight in owning something that is personal and precious, that sets itself apart from what is ordinary in terms of style and legacy.