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Exclusively at HESS Uhren on Stiftstrasse 4, 6006 Luzern. If you already know which watch you would like to own, we will be happy to send it to your home. You can also schedule an appointment for a meeting with us, be it in our atelier or at your private or business address.

The warranty is valid for 2 long years. If you mistreat your watch or have an accident that causes damage to crystal or crown, that will be excluded. Leather straps are not covered by the warranty either. But everything else is. You can simply send us your watch or bring it to our atelier.

We craft each watch personally for its future owner. The price range is CHF 8,400 to CHF 12,400.

In most cases, some watches are ready for purchase in our atelier. If a new watch is ordered and all parts are in stock in our workshop, completion takes about 3 weeks. If certain parts need to be customized, completion will take longer.

We are a small team with one watchmaker and produce about 100 watches per year. So if you own one of them, it is a genuine rarity.

The cases of our watches are made of Red Gold 750 or stainless steel, which is also used for surgical instruments. On request, cases can also be made in White Gold 750. We will be happy to advise you personally and make you an offer.

We use ETA movements. They are manufactured entirely in Switzerland and are characterized by excellent rate accuracy. We apply a few tricks to improve their accuracy. Apart from functional coatings, we evacuate as much air from the case as possible and replace it with argon, a noble gas. This reduces lubricant oxidation, so the watch not only runs accurately: it runs accurately longer. In our TWO.1 model, we add a module to the basic movement that indicates a second time zone and a large-format date (grande date). We source the requisite parts from Technotime.

About as accurately as life. Seriously: our watches are carefully and precisely adjusted. A few seconds slow or fast per day are normal for mechanical watches and acceptable. If the deviation is larger, we can readjust the watch at any time.

When the mainspring is fully wound, the power reserve is about 40 hours. This may vary slighly depending on daily activities and physical exercise. Usually, the power is sufficient to keep the watch running overnight on a bedside table. If in doubt, a few clockwise turns of the crown will put the mind at rest.

No, HESS is committed to haute horlogerie. Pure mechanical artistry with heart and soul, as in real life.

No, all models are ideal for men and ladies alike.

Well, all the mechanical components weigh quite a lot. And together with the rugged case, the watch weighs almost as much as a bar of chocolate.

Despite the mechanical components and the rugged case, the watch only weighs as much as a bar of chocolate.


Our instructions will teach you how to properly operate our TWO.1 and TWO.2 models. PDF download [ › TWO.1 ] and [ › TWO.2 ]

Our leather straps are crafted in Switzerland. The crocodile (Alligator mississippiensis) leather is CITES-certified. A pin buckle, or if you prefer, a butterfly clasp secures the watch to your wrist. As an alternative to the leather strap, we will fit your watch with a metal Milanaise bracelet at no extra charge.

In the course of time, the rate of the watch may change. This can be due to tiny friction changes that add up, or perhaps to a hard blow or fall. Magnetism can change the rate as well. If the deviation is too sizeable, we can analyze, repair, and readjust your watch.

The characteristics of the watch are mentioned on the warranty card and transcribed to our journals to assure traceability at all times.

Our watches are crafted from high-quality materials, then carefully assembled and adjusted by us. Nonetheless, it is not impossible for a screw or spring to break. In this case, you can rely on us to restore the integrity of your watch. This service is absolutely free for you, except sapphire-crystal glass, strap, and crown replacements. If you send us the watch, you pay for shipping. We pay for shipping the watch back to you.

We enjoy personally meeting our customers and like to accept orders in our atelier. If you cannot come to Luzern, you can also order your preferred model by e-mail, telephone, or Skype.

We expect payment in advance for watches that we ship to their purchasers. When watches are picked up, we accept cash, EC cards or credit cards.

The delivery is insured and scheduled as agreed subsequent to prepayment. The customer can select the mode of delivery and the forwarding company.