Atelier stories
  • Das Atelier in der Außenansicht.

New Locations

11. April 2022|

After seven years together we parted ways with the "Galerie Vitrine" in January. So we started the new year in our new watch [...]

  • Eine HESS Uhr am Handgelenk.

The true luxury

18. October 2021|

Living in the moment is difficult. We often rush through our daily routine and look forward to the warm bed in the evening [...]

  • Das Gehäuse einer Uhr wird bearbeitet.

New case: Red Gold

18. February 2021|

We are delighted to present our new watch case in 18-carat red gold. By Walter Hess The gold cases and other parts are [...]

  • Portraitfoto einer HESS Uhr am Handgelenk.

Diamond dust – a wolf in sheep’s clothing

25. March 2017|

Subtle in the shadows and in darkness, the diamond dust dial explodes into a glistening surface as soon it is exposed to sunlight or artificial light. As if on a field covered by snowflakes, thousands of tiny diamond stars vie for attention. Conceived with great patience, our latest model is utterly delightful.

  • Ein Porträtfoto von Judith und Walter Hess.

HESS Uhren – how we created a brand from passion

22. October 2016|

We decided to develop and craft our own watch. This decision was preceded by a phase of introspection, accompanied by ambivalent feelings about a career-switching entry into the watchmaking industry. Determination and passion won: HESS Uhren was established.

  • Walter Hess arbeitet an einer Uhr.

More than the sum of its parts – the HESS Uhren style

15. September 2016|

As an independent Swiss watch brand, we enable our customers to be style pioneers. At the same time, we accommodate their desire for rarity and understatement. What does that mean? Let us share our thoughts about the aesthetic hallmarks that constitute the HESS brand.

Galerie Vitrine – good art

29. July 2016|

It is a pleasure for us to share our rooms with the acclaimed Galerie Vitrine Luzern. We are eager to offer this added value to our current and prospective customers.

  • Walter Hess arbeitet an einer Uhr im Atelier.

Our watches and their city

22. June 2016|

We spent much time mulling over the name of our watch brand. Despite the long list of suggestions, the answer was much closer than expected. We picked our family name with the addition Luzern. Why? Because for us, Luzern is one of the world's most beautiful cities.