Timeless, classic, elegant –
the new models in red gold.
Ein Mann trägt eine HESS Uhr am Handgelenk.
Eine Frau trägt beim Spaziergang eine HESS Uhr

The two Hess watches TWO.1 and TWO.2 present themselves in a new look. All variants and versions are now also available in a noble red gold case. In wonderful harmony with the golden apices and hands – just perfect for the magical dial made of diamond dust.

Two models – multiple versions.
Eine HESS Uhr im Portrait.

The TWO.1 model with Self-winding mechanical movement is characterized by the second time zone and the large date display. It is available with steel or red gold case in different versions.

Eine HESS Uhr im Portrait.

The TWO.2 model with Self-winding mechanical movement and date display is complemented by the diamond and diamond dust variants. All models are available with steel or red gold cases in various finishes.

A diamond dust dial

Subtle in the shadows and in darkness, the diamond dust dial explodes into a scintillating surface as soon it is exposed to sunlight as well as artificial light. Conceived with great patience, our latest model is utterly delightful.